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Sears Island in the Courts: 1985 - 2011

Photos of Western Sears Island - the Sacrifice Zone October 08 and November 2008 ___ Aerial photos and maps. ___

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Sears Island-related Freedom of Access Documents from Governor Baldacci, MDOT & other agencies 2009 & earlier.

The consensus Deal of Shame

Sears Island in the Courts Rejecting the sellout "Deal", three litigants have filed lawsuits earlier this year calling on Maine Superior Court to revoke the awarding of a perpetual lease of more than half of the island to Maine Coast Heritage Trust _ Most recent action: 5/15/09: Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Hjelm consolidated all three cases to Waldo County Court

Audio recordings of meetings and hearings of Maine Legislature's Transportation Committee and MDOT's Sears Island Joint Use Planning Committee, 2007-2009 (mp3s)

Joint Use Planning Committee Agendas & Meeting Summaries, 2007-2008

Joint Use Planning Committee Official Documents 2007-2009

Sears Island Media Archive 1980's -1990s

Sears Island WERU Debate: Sierra Club v. Fair Play for Sears Island.

Sears Island LNG Struggle 2004-2005

Sears Island Woodchip port struggle 1990's

Audio mp3: Governor Angus King blames eelgrass for stopping his Sears Island port plan in1996 on Maine Public Radio.