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BOEMRE Maine Ocean Energy Interagency Task Force in Augusta, November 16, 2010. The meeting started at 10am and ended 12:30pm. It was held in Room 228 of the Statehouse (the Appropriations Committee room) Meeting Agenda(1pg pdf).


* State and federal agencies are on the verge of signing a binding "Letter of Intent to Coordinate Review and Approval Processes" with a host of federal agencies.

* At least three companies have filed letters of interest in building and operating windfarms off Maine in response to the state's RFI for its Green Oceans Electric Offer. The state has declined to identify the RFI respondents at present.

The State Planning office and BOEMRE have identified potential ocean windfarming sites on Jeffrey's Ledge *** Platts Bank and the Summer Hake Ground.

*The New England Fishery Management Council has opted not to get involved in ocean windfarm decisions, and suggest working through NROC, the Northeast Regional Ocean Council.

While the state and federal agencies stress that these are first draft approximations,the process is similar to the one used to select waters off Monhegan, Boon and Damariscove Islands for ocean windpower test sites.

1. Introduction 7 minutes
2. General introductions. 5 Minutes
3. Introduction by Karin Tilberg 5 minutes
4. Introduction by Maureen Bornholdt 3 minutes
5. Aditi Mirani, Boemre 4 minutes
6. Matt Nixon Me State Planning Office on "Maps & Gaps" 24 minutes
7. Deirdre Gilbert with Island Institute slides 7 minutes
8. DMR Commissioner George LaPointe 1 minute
9. Matt Nixon on Recreational Fisheries 1 minute.
10 Matt Nixon on commercial vessel traffic maps 5 minutes
11. Nixon on "Non-Consumptive" resources, incl viewshed 6 minutes
12. Nixon summarizes data gaps and needs 9 minutes
13. Karin Tilberg summarizes GIS data value. 3 minutes
14. Karin Tilbert on Federal Letter of Intent to Coordinate Review and Approval Processes. 10 minutes
15. Karin Tilberg takes questions on Federal Letter changes and does wrap up. 21 minutes.

16. Professor Rebecca Holberton, Univerity of Maine ornithologist. 8 minutes
17. Ron Huber, Penobscot Bay Watch, on RFI respondents and water current issues. 8 minutes