Fishing Grounds of the Gulf of Maine

Roseway Bank. This bank lies N. of the western part of La Have and SE. of Shelbourne Light, Nova Scotia: 31 miles SSE. from the whistling buoy off Lockport, Nova Scotia, to the southeastern edge.

It is oblong in shape and of small extent - about 270 square geographical miles. Its greatest length is 21 miles and its greatest breadth 15 miles. It extends from 43 12' to 43 33' north latitude, and from 64* 25' to 64* 52' west longitude and at the northwest corner is connected with the shore limit of 60 fathoms by a narrow neck. Depths are from 33 to 48 fathoms.

The bottom is of sand, gravel, and rocks; on the Northeast Peak the bottom is of yellow mud and gravel.

Currents in this region are not nearly so strong as about Cape Sable and Browns Bank, their general direction being WSW. and ENE the westerly much the stronger, though the force and direction of both are much influenced by the winds.

The principal fish taken here are cod, haddock, and cask. but hake, pollock and halibut occur, the best fishing months being from May to October, when the bank is resorted to by craft from western Nova Scotia. A few New England craft also fish here.