Back The Town of Searsport's Planning Board held public hearings from November 26 to November 30th, 2012 on a proposal by DCP Midstream LLC to set up a subsidary that would build and operate the east coast's largest Liquified Petroelum Gas (LPG) tank and shipping terminal

Below, listen to audio recordings of each of the people speaking at these hearings, including an often testy but very attentive audience that filled the Searport District High School Auditorium each evening. When that audience was given its opportunity to testify for or against the project, there were so many that even with time extended, not all had the chance to be heard. (There will be additional hearings in mid January)

November 26 2012
20 recordings so far. More to come (refresh your browser).
Planning Board grants &denies interested party status to organizations & individuals

Introduction by Bruce Probert, Board chair 1min 44sec
Steve Hinchman (TBNT) 4min 53sec
Steve Miller IIT 5min 40sec
Ed Bearor 1min 38sec
Marietta Ramsdell (FOSI) 3min 13 sec
Davis Gelinas 2min 10sec
Lincolnville No Show 36sec
Belfast No Show 20 sec
Chris Hyke 1min 47 sec (consolidated)
Phyllis Sommer 5min 5sec
James & McCormack Economy 5min 48sec
David Italiaander 4min 54sec
Arlene Leighton 9min 42sec

Public Interested Party Requests
Bruce Probert: intro 24 sec
Charlene Knox Farris 4min 43sec
Diane Messer 6min 21sec
Nancy Galland (denied) 5min 20sec
Joel Madiec 3min (denied)
Martha Murphy 5min 49 sec
Rebecca Freeman 2min 40 sec

Full interested parties review. 77 min

November 27, 2012
23 recordings

Intro Bruce Probert, Searsport Planning Board chair. 2.5min

Kelly Boden intros DCP 1min 46sec
Boden Intro DCP plan 8min 12sec
Don Baldridge, DCP, 4min 56 sec
Steve Wallace 8min 51sec
Intro to slide show 3min 56
DCP Slide Show Part 1 5min 26 sec
DCP Slideshow Part 2 7min 41 sec
DCP Slideshow Part 3 4min 25sec
DCP Slideshow Part 4 7min 46sec
DCP Slideshow Part 5 5min 21sec
DCP Slideshow Part 6 7min 11 sec

Jeff Hurteau, VP Mktg 5min 45 sec
Jeff Hurteau Part 2 4min 5 sec
Jeff Hurteau Part 3 7min
Planning Board QA1 7min 42sec
Planning Board QA2 8min 48sec
Steve Hinchman QA1 7min
Steve Hinchman QA2 6min 2sec
Steve Hinchman QA3 Raj 9min 59sec
Steve Miller QA 25min 25sec
David Italiaander 5min 15sec

Meeting Adjournment 53sec

November 28, 2012

WERU 11/28/12 coverage
WERU coverage; 1 mp3
* 14 minute section of hearing incl police attack & aftermath

* 12 minute section of hearing with police attack removed

Speakers in order are David Gelinas of Penobscot River and Bay Pilots, Neal Frangesh of LGA Engineering Searsport's consultant, and two DCP' officials . Planning Board chair Bruce Probert asks the questions.

As the recording starts, the meeting is well underway. The tank applicant and its consultants and allies are dismissing issues about navigation, the flare tower and air pollution raised by the concerned public and stakeholders.

November 29, 2012
36 recordings of 3 panels

Intro by Bruce Probert, Searsport Planning Board Chair 2min 10sec
Introduction of TBNT panel by Steve Hinchman 2min
Tom Gocze 8min 15sec
Diane Stevens 4min
Kevin Kelly 1 min 15 sec
J Lucas 8min 45 sec
ed Kessler 4min 12 sec
Elaine Tucker 3 min
Cross Examination of above panel by DCP atty James Kilbreth 18 min 50 sec

Introduction to Second panel 12 sec
Jay Economy 4min 15 sec
Brenda Liston 15min 25 sec
Laurie Schweikart 7min 20 sec
Phyllis Sommer 8min 37 sec
Rick Schweikhart 4min
Steve Tanguay 10 min 48 sec
Board Q&A 5min
DCP Q&A Jay McCormack 6min 28sec
DCP Q&A Brenda Liston 5min 43 sec
DCP Q&A Phyllis Sommer 5min
DCP Q&A Schweikart 1min 19sec
DCP Q&S Steve Tanguay 3min 15sec
Dave Gelinas Q&A 2min
Board QA

Introduction and Steve Miller 19min 35sec
Andrew Coombs 53 sec
Bill Warren 2min 52 sec
Bill Boardman 2min 39sec
Alison Wood (static first 12 seconds) 5min 13sec
Arch Gillies 10min 27sec
Board Q&A 1 min 39sec
DCP Kilbreth Q&A #1 8min 16sec
DCP Kilbreth Q&S #2 2min 18sec
David Gelinas Q&A 9min 22 sec
Steve Hinchman "Cleanup Questions" 2min 55sec
DCP Kilbreth Final question, end of hearing 1min

November 30, 2012
42 recordings

Part 1 2hrs * Part 2 1hr 50min

DCP consultant explains maps of proposal. 21 minutes

Charlene Knox-Farris (Searsport historian) 3min 43sec
Mark Stanley 3min 17 sec
Tara Hollander 7min 50 sec
Bruce Suppes 5 minutes Carole Yee 2min 50 sec
Don Garrold 6min 21 sec
Carrie Slocum 2min 32 sec
Rebecca Turcotte 2min 10 sec
Heidi Brugger 2min 30 sec
Randall Parr 6min 20 sec
Larch Hansen 9min 42 sec
Trisha Rose 10 minutes
Brenda Burkfeld 2min 17sec
James Merckel 5min 50 sec
Harlan McLaughlin 6 min

Erin Herbig 5 min
Joanne McNally 4min 34 sec
Meredith Ares 4min 20 sec
Daniel Alexander-Beaton 5min 44 sec
Corbin O'Connell 4min 35 sec
Betty Schopmeyer 4min 21 sec
Mike Nahme 47 seconds
Larch Hansen Pt 2 3min 23 sec
Rachel E. Fuller 2min 50 sec
Phyllis Coelho 5min 30 sec
Faith Garrold 7min 41 sec
Keith Ritchie 4min 1 sec
Suzanne Farley 2min 55 sec
Norma Sawyer 2min 30 sec
Alan Clemente 4min 58sec
Peter Taber 6min 30 sec
Arlene Jurewicz-Leighton 2min 49sec
Janet Williams 4min 33sec
Julia Kraft & Anna Mueller 4min 1 sec
Ron Huber 3min 30sec
Diana Newman 5min 56 sec
Christopher Grotton 3min 54sec
Martha Murphy 3min 9sec
Peter Wilkinson 4min 45sec