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2013 Updates
July 11, 2013. UMaine's DeepCwind Consortium hosted a webinar on the past, present and future status of the Consortium's Volturnus Project, presented by Dr. Habib Dagher (1 hour) Click Here for the 60 minute vdieorecording of the event. Click Here for a pdf of Dagher's powerpoint presentation.

See photo of DeepCwind's VolturnUS prototype getting towed to Castine.

Media Coverage:
July 5, 2013 Statoil puts Hywind Maine project on hold. Boothbay Register **

July 5, 2013 Statoil Freezes Hywind Maine Project Offshore Wind Biz

April 8, 2013 Statoil picks Maine commercial fisherman Larry Knapp as liaison to fishers. Boothbay Register.

January 24, 2013. Maine's Public Utilities Commission approves Statoil's modified proposal for a long-term electricity supply contract with Maine utilities: the necessary precursor to developing an offshore wind project in EEZ waters 12+ miles offshore. Media coverage of PUC decision **** Statoil's comments to PUC, 8/156/12

DeepCwind Consortium - Environmental Assessment of prototype plan in Castine .
January 2013 US Dept of Energy's Draft federal Supplemental Environmental Assessment Deepwater Offshore Floating Wind Turbine Testing and Demonstration Project

Jeff Thaler of UMaine & DeepCwind Consortium has a 2013 Roadmap for Permitting and Leasing Maine Offshore Eind Enerrgy Projects

Simulated windfarms off southern New England coast at various distances