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2016 Updates

October 2016

October 20, 2016 webinar audio and slides: "Northeast Ocean Planning & Offshore Wind" (vimeo)

September 2016.
Aquaventus 1 Project off Monhegan to start Environmental Assessment in "Fall/Winter of 2016-2017".

US Dept of Energy DOE intends to prepare an environmental assessment (EA) to evaluate the potential direct, indirect and cumulative impacts of the New England Aqua Ventus 1 project. DOE says a public scoping process will begin in "Fall/Winter of 2016-2017". (Link to EA notification page for this project)

"DOE anticipates initiating the public scoping process for the EA in Fall/Winter of 2016-2017 at which time DOE will be seeking public comments to help define the scope of environmental impacts and issues to be addressed in the EA.

It is also anticipated that public scoping informational meeting(s) would occur as part of the public scoping process. Public scoping is a key component of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process and is used to provide an opportunity for the public to help define the scope of environmental impacts and issues to be addressed in depth in the EA. All public comment opportunities will be posted below." (At this link)

DOE Summary of Project:" DOE is proposing to provide funding to the University of Maine to design, construct and operate a 12 MegaWatt (MW) offshore wind advanced technology demonstration project (i.e. New England Aqua Ventus 1) in the Gulf of Maine, approximately 2.5 miles south of Monhegan Island, Lincoln County, Maine and 12 miles off the mainland. This project is also known as the Maine Aqua Ventus 1 project. Project manager: (email)

January 2016

January 29, 2016 UMaine webinar "Maine's Floating Offshore Wind Project: Moving Forward". See the event's Slideshow

Features Habib Dagher head of UMaine’s Advanced Structures and Composite Center, & Jeffrey Thaler, Asst UMaine Counsel and Maine Aqua Ventus Legal Counsel, giving an update on the Maine Aqua Ventus project, a 12MW floating offshore wind pilot farm proposed for state waters off Monhegan.

Aquaventus recently received a U.S. Department of Energy award for $3.7 million. This will be spent to "complete project planning, secure supply contracts, and approach financial close".
(Question: Does "approach financial close" mean $7.7 million is NOT enough to create a full working prototype?)

Latest DeepCWind/ Aquaventus news courtesy google

DeepCWind's Aquaventus webpage

July 11, 2013. UMaine's DeepCwind Consortium hosted a webinar on the past, present and future status of the Consortium's Volturnus Project, presented by Dr. Habib Dagher (1 hour) Click Here for the 60 minute vdieorecording of the event. Click Here for a pdf of Dagher's powerpoint presentation.

See photo of DeepCwind's VolturnUS prototype getting towed to Castine.

Media Coverage:
July 5, 2013 Statoil puts Hywind Maine project on hold. Boothbay Register **

July 5, 2013 Statoil Freezes Hywind Maine Project Offshore Wind Biz

April 8, 2013 Statoil picks Maine commercial fisherman Larry Knapp as liaison to fishers. Boothbay Register.

January 24, 2013. Maine's Public Utilities Commission approves Statoil's modified proposal for a long-term electricity supply contract with Maine utilities: the necessary precursor to developing an offshore wind project in EEZ waters 12+ miles offshore. Media coverage of PUC decision **** Statoil's comments to PUC, 8/156/12

DeepCwind Consortium - Environmental Assessment of prototype plan in Castine .
January 2013 US Dept of Energy's Draft federal Supplemental Environmental Assessment Deepwater Offshore Floating Wind Turbine Testing and Demonstration Project

Jeff Thaler of UMaine & DeepCwind Consortium has a 2013 Roadmap for Permitting and Leasing Maine Offshore Eind Enerrgy Projects

Simulated windfarms off southern New England coast at various distances


December 31, 2012 deadline to comment on Statoil plan; Federal Register notice

12/12/12 DeepCwind gets 4 million from DOE, in running for more. UMaine media release 12/12/12

UMaine prepares to deploy its prototype floating windtower off Monhegan spring 2013. DeepCwind's December 12, 2012 Youtube video

10/23/12 BOEM held Public Info meeting on Statoil in Boothbay. Meeting Coverage in Pen Bay Blog ( Listen to audio links here

6/26/12 BOEM and Statoil hold public info meeting in Rockland Pictures, interviews here ..... Pre-meeting review of planned meetings on June 25, 26 and 27,in Boothbay, Portland & Rockland.

June 21, 2012 Statoil Speaks.Hywind Maine officials
June 16, 2012 Maine tidal & floating wind power leaders took calls on public radio

May 24, 2012 DeepCwind Consortium deployment off Monhegan put on hold until 2013. What happened? Excerpt: "Dagher said that some permits were still pending for the Monhegan site, but that he expected them to be approved in the next two to three months, which will push the launch date to next summer." *** DeepCwind Consortium news .

May 23, 2012. Feds/Maine ocean energy task force e-meeting considered next 2 steps in process reviewing Statoil's 4-turbine floating windpark plan. Held public teleconference. AUDIO and TRANSCRIPT of public teleconference *** Statoil-Maine googled

April 4, 2012. Norwegian energy giant Statoil says it has not received enough subsidies from the state of Maine and the US Government to carry out its deepwater floating windfarm project off Boothbay Harbor, Maine. floating windmills.

January 31, 2012 BOEM Presentation to New England Fishery Management Council


10/23/12 BOEM Boothbay meeting

5/23/12 Public teleconference after Feds/Maine ocean energy task force e-meeting on Statoil's 4-turbine floating windpark plan. 20 minute mp3

3/12/12 Fishermen give chilly reception to Statoil offshore wind plan at 2012 Maine Fishermen's Forum. See Media Coverage of 2012 Forum


12/08/11 Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Public Information meeting about Statoil plan off Maine

08/11/11 Ocean Windpower panel discussion on DeepCwind plan at The Strand Theatre in Rockland.

07/07/11 Island Institute's Gulf of Maine Ocean Wind Exploitation webinar.

02/23/11 Maine Deepwater Offshore Wind Report. February 23, 2011 by DeepCwind Consortium


10/19/10. Northport, Maine First Annual Maine Deepwater Offshore Wind Conference.

9/14/10 BOEM meets with state and federal agencies in Belfast, Maine. BOEM's Maine Federal Coordinator Aditi Mirani describes why and how the Request For Interest process is to go forward.(17 min mp3) . See the documents from meeting

March 11, 18, 23 &24, 2010. Maine Legislature's Utility & Energy Committee holds public hearing and worksessions on bill to regulate ocean windpower development off Maine LD 1810 An Act to Implement the recommendations of the Governor's Ocean Energy Task Force. Bill directs ocean windpower applicants to a minimum 10 miles offshore, protecting at least 95% of Maine lobstermen from losing fishing bottom.

3/6/10 2010 Fishermen's Forum. Agencies and industry describe nearshore and offshore wind plans

2/16/10 Public meeting on Monhegan Island about DeepCwind plan


10/28/09 Maine Coastal Conference on Wind Energy

DeepCwind Consortium plans will they jeopardize Maine, NH and Mass lobster fisheries?

Statoil's plans for deepwter ocean windfarm: Norwegian firm's windpark could be 10 miles offshore; DeepCwind's by comparison could be up to 70 miles offshore. Read Brostrom report: "On the influence of large wind farms on the upper ocean circulation." by Göran Broström, Norewegian meteorology Institute. Read an MIT report. Read a 2009 University of Maryland report.
Gulf of Maine Fishing Grounds at Risk

Proposed Monhegan Deepwater Offshore Wind Test Site
At Issue *** Audio of DeepCwind presentation to Monhegan Islanders on 2/16/10 *** Litigation *** DeepCwind Consortium *** Officials, academics & others involved.


Offshore windpower - affecting ocean currents?
* On the influence of large wind farms on the upper ocean circulation Göran Broström, NMI
* Potential climatic impacts & reliability of very large-scale wind farms. 3/12/2010 MIT Ctr for Global Change Science. Read discussion of this report
* Weather response to management of a large wind turbine array 2009 Dept of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science, U MD

OCEAN WIND POWER MEDIA COVERAGE Google coverage Bangor Daily News Ocean Wind stories. ** Maineville(bdn) coverage of ocean wind ** Working Waterfront Ocean Windpower stories