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Gulf of Maine Ocean Wind Energy Exploitation Portal

2017: FOAA docs received 1/4/18 of DMR re MAV during 2017

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Göran Brostrom report: "On the influence of large wind farms on the upper ocean circulation." by Göran Broström, Norewegian meteorology Institute.

Read an MIT report.

Read a 2009 University of Maryland report.
* Potential climatic impacts & reliability of very large-scale wind farms. 3/12/2010 MIT Ctr for Global Change Science. Read discussion of this report
* Weather response to management of a large wind turbine array 2009 Dept of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science, U MD
Gulf of Maine Fishing Grounds at Risk

Proposed Monhegan Deepwater Offshore Wind Test Site
At Issue *** Audio of DeepCwind presentation to Monhegan Islanders on 2/16/10 *** Litigation *** DeepCwind Consortium *** Officials, academics & others involved.


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Bangor Daily News Ocean Wind stories. ** Maineville(bdn) coverage of ocean wind ** Working Waterfront Ocean Windpower stories