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2016 Updates

October 2016

October 20, 2016 webinar audio and slides: "Northeast Ocean Planning & Offshore Wind" (vimeo)

September 2016.
Aquaventus 1 Project off Monhegan to start Environmental Assessment in "Fall/Winter of 2016-2017".

US Dept of Energy DOE intends to prepare an environmental assessment (EA) to evaluate the potential direct, indirect and cumulative impacts of the New England Aqua Ventus 1 project. DOE says a public scoping process will begin in "Fall/Winter of 2016-2017". (Link to EA notification page for this project)

"DOE anticipates initiating the public scoping process for the EA in Fall/Winter of 2016-2017 at which time DOE will be seeking public comments to help define the scope of environmental impacts and issues to be addressed in the EA.

It is also anticipated that public scoping informational meeting(s) would occur as part of the public scoping process. Public scoping is a key component of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process and is used to provide an opportunity for the public to help define the scope of environmental impacts and issues to be addressed in depth in the EA. All public comment opportunities will be posted below." (At this link)

DOE Summary of Project:" DOE is proposing to provide funding to the University of Maine to design, construct and operate a 12 MegaWatt (MW) offshore wind advanced technology demonstration project (i.e. New England Aqua Ventus 1) in the Gulf of Maine, approximately 2.5 miles south of Monhegan Island, Lincoln County, Maine and 12 miles off the mainland. This project is also known as the Maine Aqua Ventus 1 project. Project manager: (email)

January 2016

January 29, 2016 UMaine webinar "Maine's Floating Offshore Wind Project: Moving Forward". See the event's Slideshow

Features Habib Dagher head of UMaine’s Advanced Structures and Composite Center, & Jeffrey Thaler, Asst UMaine Counsel and Maine Aqua Ventus Legal Counsel, giving an update on the Maine Aqua Ventus project, a 12MW floating offshore wind pilot farm proposed for state waters off Monhegan.

Aquaventus recently received a U.S. Department of Energy award for $3.7 million. This will be spent to "complete project planning, secure supply contracts, and approach financial close".
(Question: Does "approach financial close" mean $7.7 million is NOT enough to create a full working prototype?)

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