Maine Deepwater Offshore Wind Report. Published February 23, 2011 by the DeepCwind Consortium
For ease of reading, the report is here broken down into its separate chapters. Complete 557 page report here

Cover, table of Contents (13 pages)

Authors, Organizations, Acknowledgements (4 pages)

Executive Summary (7 pages)

Introduction (6 pages)

Regional Analysis Criteria (5 pages)

Gulf of Maine Resource Information (32 pages)

Electric Grid Interconnection (42 pages)

Impact Assessment. (107 pages)

Construction and Assembly (14 pages)

Economics and Policy (51 Pages)

Findings (19 pages)


References for Sections 3 thru 8. (10 pages)

Appendix A. Gulf of Maine Supplemental info. Journal Articles (25 pages)

Appendix A.2. Surficial Geology (18 pages)

Appendix B Impact Assessment. B.1. Buoy Data: Wind and Wave. (5 pages)

Appendix B.2 – Important Bird Areas of Maine (100 pages)

Appendix C.1 Substation Diagrams (22 pages)

Appendix C.2 – Subsea Cable Data Sheets (5 pages)

Appendix D1 – Offshore Wind Supplier List (10 pages)

Appendix E. Maine PUC RFP Documents/ Act To Implement Recommendations of the Governor’s Ocean Energy Task Force - LD1810. (29 pages) Appendix E.2 – Maine Public Utilities Commission RFP (13 pages)

Appendix E.3 – Rate Impact Limitation (7 pages)

Appendix E.4 – Experience Requirement Supplemental Information 2 pages

Appendix F. Units of Measure and Acronyms